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Benedikt Zöttl

Benedikt is a European Patent Attorney since he successfully passed the European Qualifying Examination at the first sit in spring 2023. He combines detail-oriented and strategic perspectives and brings in a high curiosity for new and inventive technologies along with relevant professional experience in the field of technical mechanics and expertise in the automotive industry, in particular in the field of electro mobility.

He studied mechanical engineering at HM University of Applied Sciences in Munich and graduated with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Before deciding to become a Patent Attorney he worked as a tutor in the field of technical mechanics and gained experience at established companies in the automotive sector in Munich.

Since 2019 Benedikt is working in the field of Intellectual Property having experience in all areas of patent prosecution including drafting, prosecution of applications, providing analysis and professional opinions. He works in a number of technical fields, including electrical and electronic technology, semiconductor technology, optics, medical technology and most areas of mechanics for both large corporations and small and medium-sized companies.